Electric Vehicles Are Here To Stay With Loop EV Charging Network

Electric Vehicles Are Here to Stay With Loop EV Charging Network

Across the globe, electric vehicles are growing at a rapid pace, challenging the automobile industry. The government, customers, and the industry have joined hands in this fight against carbon emissions.


Growth in the electric vehicles industry can be attributed to the policies promoting cars’ production and use with zero-emission. There are two major objectives in the electric vehicles segment: improving the performance and quality of the cars and constructing the required infrastructure. Many companies are producing low-end to high-end cars to completely cater to the market demand.

Charging Station Infrastructure

Currently, there are 1.4 million electric vehicles in the U.S., which are expected to increase exponentially over the coming years. Electric Vehicles will be giving traditional cars some very tough competition, which means automobile manufacturers will take them much more seriously in the future. Therefore, the infrastructure needs to be developed to cater to the increasing number of electric vehicles.

Charging stations are just like the classic fuel pumps installed worldwide, with the major difference being that these stations are for charging electric vehicles instead of pumping fossil fuels. The process of charging is simple in which you plug the charger into the car socket. Another difference is that there are different levels of charging stations that dictate the time required for the charge. Level 1 chargers are cost-efficient and suitable for emergency use; having a 110 V outlet can charge the car anywhere. Level 2 chargers are faster than level 1 chargers. Charging stations are divided into two categories, networked and non-networked chargers. Level 2 chargers can be suitable for residential and commercial areas. Level 3 chargers are the fastest, with a charging time of approximately 30 minutes which is ideal for places such as restaurants and shopping malls.

Loop EV Charging Network and the Growing EV Industry

Loop EV Charging Network is providing a charging solution for everyone, and the company’s vision is to provide sustainable, equitable access to EV charging solutions for all. The Loop network has manufactured the most advanced EV Charging Devices with the sleekest designs. Loop’s main products are EV-FLEX LITE which is the level 2 charger for residential use or work. The EV-FLEX model is suited to commercial use and on the go. EV-FAST offers D.C. fast-charging solutions designed to be installed in busy locations where fast EV Charging is needed.

Walters Wholesale Electric Company and Loop EV Charging Network

Walters Wholesale Electric Company has been providing high-quality electrical goods to its customers. Currently, the widely accessible network of the company provides supplies to contractors and companies. Moving forward, the company plans to provide an even better range of products to its customers, as they have partnered with Loop EV Charging Network.

Governments, companies, and customers are now paying attention to reducing carbon emissions and moving towards electric vehicles. For widespread use of electric vehicles, charging station infrastructure would be required, which is being provided by some companies. The rapidly growing Loop EV Charging Network has been able to stand out from the crowd with its futuristic design and high-quality products.


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