Loop and AEP Ohio

Loop Is Now A Registered Solutions Provider For AEP Ohio

Loop Is Now A Registered Solutions Provider For AEP Ohio

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 23, 2022 – Loop Inc, one of the fastest growing electric vehicle (EV) charging networks in the world, has announced their new status as a Certified Registered Solutions Provider (CRES) with American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio.

Loop and AEP Ohio

As a CRES provider, Loop can now offer its best-in-class charging solutions to residents of Ohio, as well as commercial and industrial businesses that are looking to upgrade their facilities with fast and reliable EV charging stations. Recognition as a trusted and registered solutions provider will give Ohio-based Loop clients additional confidence and peace of mind when choosing Loop as their EV charging solution provider. 

With this certification, Loop hopes to expand and optimize Ohio’s EV charging network with their entire line of innovative and affordable Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers, including: 

  • EV Flex & EV Flex Lite – Sleek and efficient Level 2 Chargers for residential, public, commercial real estate
  • EV Fast – Loop’s modular-based DC fast charging solution for quick on-the-go charging.
  • EV Fleet – A powerful Level 2 charger designed for fleet vehicles with the capability of charging 2.5x faster than standard Level 2 chargers.
  • EV Focus – Loop’s integrated digital out of home (DooH) media display + EV charging solution, complete with a 55” Samsung display to allow for additional advertising revenue. 

“We’re honored and excited to be recognized as a registered solutions provider for American Electric Power, Ohio,” said Loop CEO Dustin Cavanaugh. “From the inception of Loop, our goal has always been to deliver reliable EV charging solutions to property owners and EV drivers via our affordable and innovative charging stations. As a registered solutions provider, we look forward to bringing accessible charging solutions to convenient locations across Ohio.” 

“Creating a universally accessible EV charging network isn’t just a goal for Loop; we view it as our responsibility to help usher in an age of clean & sustainable energy,” Mr. Cavanaugh continued.

If you would like to learn more about Loop and its premium charging solutions, you can visit www.evloop.io or call 1-800-EVLOOP1. You can also read about the latest company news and EV charging trends at blog.evloop.io

More About Loop

Loop aims to be a leader in EV charging solutions. Our mission is to make EV charging more accessible to multi-tenant property owners and operators as well as electric vehicle drivers by simplifying and streamlining the development and operation of user-friendly public and private EV charging networks.

Our turnkey hardware, software and service solutions make it easy and hassle-free to deploy cost-effective EV charging, saving our customers both time and money.

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  1. Chris Avatar

    Great news for someone from Ohio who struggles to find EV charging stations outside of my daily commute.

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